GIBSON® TECH 7.1 Soft (X57) Rear

Long Track Enduro

This ultramodern rear tire is designed for use in all training sessions and competitions not governed by FIM regulations.

It impresses with its outstanding features, thanks to its uncompromising tread design with tall knobs and optimal arrangement of tread blocks, providing the best possible tire contact area. Additionally, the deeper tread depth ensures tremendous grip in deep terrain and excellent self-cleaning properties.

For sports use on various surfaces, the TECH 7.1 STANDARD and TECH 7.1 SOFT variants have been developed. Both variants also feature the uncompromising tread design with tall knobs in different hardness levels. The grip level of the rubber compound is extremely high, enabling strong propulsion on all surfaces. It’s an all-rounder approved according to ECE-R75 and DOT standards.

  • Perfect for softer, deeper terrain, special tests on grass and fields
  • Narrow design suitable for smaller engine classes for agile, fast passages
  • Very large contact area due to soft rubber compound
  • This means the tire adapts very well to all uneven surfaces
  • Taller knobs than TECH 6.2 (hence not approved by FIM)
  • Meets the requirements of ECE-R75 and DOT certification


  • 110/100-18