The Mud King.

Rear tire with a perfect price-performance ratio. The ultra-modern construction offers tremendous grip on medium to medium-hard soils.
The BOW TIE process outward facing lugs provide maximum control at any lean angle.
The Crosslink technology with its additional bracing between the outer lugs, combined with a reinforced tire shoulder, further improves lateral stability.  The clever arrangement and dimensioning of the tread blocks of the GIBSON® TECH MX 4.1 not only optimizes the contact patch of the tire, but also enables an exceptional self-cleaning effect.
This makes the GIBSON® TECH MX 4.1 the first choice for muddy surfaces.

  • Competition tire -for the motocross professional and ambitious sports rider
  • the Cross-Link technology of the outer lugs offers maximum controllability and stability
  • no buckling of the lugs and optimal self-cleaning
  • wide tread row, grips shovel-like in soft grounds, thereby maximum propulsion
  • especially recommended for soft, muddy soils
  • ultra-light construction and soft carcass construction guarantee high elasticity
  • maximum tire contact area
  • also available in the relevant junior cross sizes