The Sand specialist.

The GIBSON® SCOOPSTER MX 5.2, an innovative tire for sandy tracks! Completely redesigned with the expertise of Max Nagl, the ADAC MX Masters Champion of 2023, this tire is a valuable addition to our range. The result of this development: maximum grip, excellent propulsion, and high steadfastness even in banking. These characteristics are particularly important when accelerating out of corners, especially when loose sand lies on a harder surface.
The rubber compound used makes the special sand tire GIBSON® SCOOPSTER MX 5.2 ultra-lightweight, highly flexible, and ensures optimal performance as well as long durability.

  • Perfect “scoop design” of the knobs specifically developed for sandy tracks.
  • Center knobs and shoulder knobs are arranged in a radius, similar to a wide scoop.
  • Extreme grip in deep sand guarantees absolute propulsion and fastest self-cleaning.
  • Wider outer knobs provide highest stability when banking and do not buckle.
  • Ultralight construction and soft carcass design ensure high elasticity.


  • 110/90-19